Boobies and Dragons

The Thing That Is Called: Everyone Got Eaten

That time they were all dinner.

Our rag tag group of adventurers found themselves approaching a nearby port on the Sea of Fallen Stars. As they neared land, a shudder from beneath alerted them that they may not be reaching their destination quite as soon as expected. The group and the entire ship’s crew was sucked down into the maw of a gargantuan sea beast. The only survivors of the wreck, the 4 strangers, made their way deep into what appeared to be the throat of the leviathan, toward a mysterious glow. Following the strange glow, they soon began to hear faint singing. Within an enormous cavern they found an old man crouched around an orb, bouncing to the tune of his song. They soon discovered his name to be Brimlad Murloc, a watersoul genasi wizard, who summoned the beast ten years ago following the Spellplague. He claimed to sink ships for the good of those onboard, hoping to protect them from the horrors of what he believes to be in the outside world. Eventually, he agreed to free the group if they could prove to him that they could accomplish his one desire: to return to world to the way it was before the plague, and to ensure the safety of those living amongst the plague-wrought lands. After getting his ass kicked during his riddles test, the irritated genasi summoned drowned ones for the group to fight. They kicked their asses too, and the genasi realized their true potential as a team. He asked that they stay together, for the good of Faerun, and provided them with a small map. He reminded them that he would watch over them during their adventures, before teleporting them to a nearby beach. The group made camp for the night.



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