Elderly Dragonborn sent back to Tymanther after his adopted daughter's tragic death.

Garacx was a guardian to Varithia, a young elven girl who was entrusted to him by her mother and father (his adventuring companions) upon their death. The two grew close over the years. Although Garacx knew he couldn’t provide her everything she needed, he raised her well. Not long ago, she developed a rare disease that only affects elves. He did everything he could to find a cure, but no magic or alchemy had yet been able to remove or slow the affliction. In his attempts, he learned that the elves of an area of southern Akanul called Wildhome possesed the knowledge and skill necessary to cure his charge. Unfortunately, when he arrived in Akanul, he found that the prejudices against dragonborn in the land meant help was not forthcoming. He was rebuffed in all his attempts to find transport or escort to Wildhome in the south. The locals were either afraid of the elves, or simply unwilling to help a dragonborn from Tymanther and his elven orphan. Eventually, Garacx was able to recruit a small band of novice adventurers to help him in his plight. The members he entrusted with the life of his daughter were named: Arka, Mirann, Silvara, and Knox. Tragically, after several days of waiting for the group to return with a critical ingredient for her cure, Garacx was betrayed by one of the very members he hired. Knox, a human rogue, returned with the ingredient only to smash it into the ground in front of him. Shortly afterward Varithia died in Garacx’s arms. The rest of the group was unaware of Knox’s intentions, and so too were betrayed by her. Not knowing what else to do for Garacx, they paid for his passage on a ship back to Tymanther alone.


To raise his adopted daughter Varithia and find her cure. (Failed).

Hated Enemies



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